Cranes for Bulk Handling

CBW cranes are designed for cargo and container handling and are distinguished through the following characteristics:

  • Low height enabling improved visibility from the vessel's bridge.
  • Low weight and centre of gravity for improved ship stability and increased cargo capacity.
  • Wide rope field at the hook allowing for safe and stable cargo handling (anti-swing device).
  • Jib arranged above operator's cabin, which provides unrestricted vision for the crane driver to deck and cargo hold.
  • Maintenance free hydraulic luffing arms, chrome-nickel plated which reduce the operation and maintenance costs.
  • Boom is firmly supported at all boom angles due to the double acting hydraulic rams.
  • Short minimum radius enables cargo to be positioned immediately beside the crane.

Lifting capacity
15 - 45 t
15 - 32 m
FCC CBW 21(30)/20