Cranes for Bulk Handling

CBB cranes are wire-luffing cranes designed for bulk and container handling with the following advantages.

  • Hydraulic control instead of electronic.
  • Jib brackets are directly integrated in jib beam for higher rigidity.
  • Significantly reduced forces and operating costs due to advanced reeving concept.
  • Wire sheaves inside beam for better protection.
  • Unobstructed view from the driver's cabin due to improved position of first jib bracket.
  • More space for easier access and maintenance in the slewing column.
  • Electric power pack in compact design and "Liebherr Load Sensing Control" reduce maintenance costs. Three hydraulic pumps for smooth control during simultaneous motion.
  • Main components inside crane housing for better protection.
  • Jib fall-back prevention for improved safety.
  • Higher FEM classification than a standard deck crane.

Lifting capacity
20 - 34 t (with 2-rope grab)
24 - 32 m
CBB 32(40)/32, S.P. Inter Marine Co. Ltd., Thailand