Duty cycle crawler cranes
HS 835 HD Litronic

A wide range of attachments means that the range of use of the Liebherr HS 835 HD crawler crane is almost unlimited; these include grabbers, drag buckets, diaphragm wall grabbers and pipe laying machines, as well as demolition and dynamic ground compaction.

max. lifting capacity
50 t/3.4 m
Engine output
180 - 270 kW/245 - 367 HP
(ISO 9249)
Max. winch line pull 1. layer
80/120/160 kN
Max. main boom
50 m
max. boom length with clamshell
26 m
max. boom length with dragline
26 m
Travel speed
1.15 km/h
Operating weight
ca. 60 t
Liebherr HS 835 HD duty cycle crawler crane